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Lonesome Kitty


Feline Hotel and Day Spa



All fees must be paid in full in advance when cats arrive.
All cat owners must provide sufficient food for each pet upon arrival.
All pet owners are responsible for any veterinarian fees if necessary.
A non-refundable deposit will be required to reserve a place at busy holiday times. All fees subject to HST.

per 24 hours Regular Rates Holiday Rates
1 cat per family $20.00 $24.00
2 cats per family $28.00 $32.00
3 cats per family $36.00 $40.00
Private room
Based on 4 cats
$48.00 $75.00


Prices are calculated per 24 hour period. There are no partial days. Pricing starts on the day the guest arrives and ends on the day they depart.

Cats that arrive with canine friends that are guests at Diggity Dog will receive a discounted rate. (To be discussed depending on number of cats and dogs per family.)

Cats and dogs from the same family can visit during their stay.

There is a 10% discount to the boarding fee for extended stays longer than 21 days. Fee for administering medication is not discounted.

Private room: Spacious room can accommodate as many as 10 cats per room. Based on 4 cats per day, a nominal fee will be charged for more than 4 cats, calculated based on the number of cats and the length of stay.

Medication: A charge of $1.50 per application. For example, a diabetic cat requiring two insulin shots per day will be billed the regular boarding fee plus $3.00 per day for the two shots.

Special Needs cats: Fees for cats, such as the elderly, that require additional care will be discussed on an individual basis.